Pet wellness supplies for itchy dogs with paw allergies and skin issues. As Featured in Buzzfeed Pets & Modern Dog Magazine

Why Choose Us?

Our paw balms, skin salves, and shampoo bars will help soothe, heal, and repair your dog's itchy, sore, rough, dry, or cracked paw pads, hotspots, rashes, wounds, and irritated skin due to atopic dermatitis caused by environmental allergens and bug bites.

This paw balm is a wonderful product! It works great and lasts a long time. This is my second time buying it. I was super impressed by the hand-written thank you card that came with it. Great product and great customer service!

Los Angeles, California

I always use natural shampoos for my dogs, but my older one always seems to get itchy from all of the them. Until now. This shampoo is amazing! Not only does it clean well and not cause itching after the bath, it also has decreased her overall itchiness to almost nothing at all! AND her skin feels and looks so much healthier! Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product ❤️. I will definitely be back for more! 😄

East Berlin, Pennsylvania

I'am so glad i bought this for my pup. She has really itchy paws I got tired of her chewing on her paws.I have tried many things in the past nothing was working I'm glad I found this paw balm It works like magic on her paws and helps her to relax. I recommend this I'm definitely coming back to buy more. Fast shipping!

Bremerton, Washington

I ordered this skin salve for my pupper, who spends a lot of time outside in the LA heat "protecting us", and who gets crazy bad hotspots behind his ears and on his tummy. I LOVE what this does for him! A little on each paw and everywhere he scratches seems to give him a lot of relief, and his paw pads have never looked better. Two paws way up!I even used a little as an emergency treatment on a rough patch of psoriasis *I* have, and it soothed that, too! Amazing! I'll definitely order again.

Los Angeles, California

About Us

We make all-natural dog and cat paw balms, skin salves, and shampoo bars for pets suffering from allergies and skin issues. Our products are lick-safe and perfect for cold, rainy, dry, or extreme weather conditions.