Pet wellness supplies for itchy dogs with paw allergies and skin issues. As featured in Buzzfeed Pets, Modern Dog Magazine, Country Living Magazine, Animal Wellness Magazine, HuffPost, and Times of San Diego

Why Choose Us?

Our paw balms, skin salves, and shampoo bars will help soothe, heal, and repair your dog's itchy, sore, rough, dry, or cracked paw pads, hotspots, rashes, wounds, and irritated skin due to atopic dermatitis caused by environmental allergens and bug bites.

Works really well. Desert heat. Desert winter. Only used it every other day for 2 weeks but it has dramatic results. Even healed the cuts on my hands quicker from applying it to my dog.

Bend, Oregon

Wish I had known about this particular item. I have not seen my three fur babies scratching themselves like they used to since using this product. Thank you!

Huntsville, Alabama

This paw salve smells so good and works well on my doggo's paws! The dryness and her allergies caused her to lick and gnaw on her paws repeatedly but after applying this salve she stopped licking them! Thank you so much for this wonderful remedy!

Los Angeles, California

Ohhhhh, this is the stuff! The GOAT of balms and soaps for your fur babies💜

M. Brakefield
Yukon, Oklahoma

About Us

Our company specializes in crafting natural pet care products, including dog and cat paw balms, skin salves, and shampoo bars. These products are specifically formulated to address the needs of pets dealing with allergies and skin issues. With our all-natural ingredients, we aim to provide effective relief and promote healthier skin for your beloved furry friends. Trust us to provide the finest care for your pets' sensitive skin.